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7 June 2009, JellyBean @ 1:45 pm

This one is for all those science-types out there! I won’t even pretend to understand this, but a friend of mine who does know a bit about science is raving about it!

In chunks of rock quarried from a Russian mountain range, physicists have found perfect “quasicrystals,” a type of material that researchers previously thought could only be created in a lab. Quasicrystals display ordered arrangements and symmetries but are not periodic—that is, they are not defined by a single unit cell (such as a cube) that simply repeats itself in three dimensions [Scientific American]. Instead, quasicrystals have two different geometric structures that alternate, and that are organized in ways which create complex patterns and symmetries.

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Discover Magazine: In a Russian Mountain Range, Unknown Forces Made Perfect “Quasicrystals”

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