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8 June 2009, JellyBean @ 8:49 am

The cast of the stage version of classic sitcom “Allo Allo” were on the boat, Jacobite Queen, taking a trip up Loch Ness when several mysterious sonar images were detected. The boat’s captain, John Askew, has said that in 15 years on the loch, he has never seen such a thing on sonar before.

“Celebrity stage stars of the classic TV sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo are at the centre of a Nessie mystery. And a leading Loch Ness expert is baffled by one of the most unusual sonar readings recorded on Loch Ness while the cast was on a pleasure cruise. Sonar pictures taken on the voyage revealed five unexplained images which have lead to monster speculation.”

The Loch Ness Project’s Adrian Shine, an expert in sonar who has been studying the loch since 1973, could not explain the sighting.

He said: “This has got me puzzled and has every appearance of a genuine sonar contact. A single object often appears again, as an echo.

“I would like to see the boat go back to this spot and see if the same thing could be produced again.

“This certainly adds to the Loch Ness mystery and will be the subject of further investigation.

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Highland News: Nessie caught on Sonar

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