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11 December 2008, JellyBean @ 2:57 pm

This report comes from our friends at forgetamori

The video is quite interesting, and I was sincerely flabbergasted. I thought in the first minutes it could be a rig suspended by a hot air balloon (those are common in Brazil), but as you advance some minutes through, this idea obviously doesn’t hold. And it doesn’t look like a hoax, or at least a crude hoax, like filming light reflections on a window. The focus and all the behavior of the lights given the camera seem to match the fact the lights were indeed very distant.

YouTube Preview Image

Then, as the skeptic I am, I wondered that if this video was indeed shot over Santiago, nothing less than the region that includes the capital of Chile, with over 6 million inhabitants, this December 9, then there should be other witnesses. Where were they? Was this then a video hoax, only a very good one? No matter how good a video can be, it must be corroborated by testimonial evidence (and vice-versa, no matter how ”credible” a testimony may be, it must be backed by physical evidence).

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