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19 June 2009, JellyBean @ 12:45 pm

The strange phenomenon of dead tadpoles that first emerged in Ishikawa Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast seems to be spreading as more of the creatures have been found in central, western and northeastern Japan over the past few days.

Adding to the growing mystery over random sightings of dead tadpoles, a woman in Miyagi Prefecture has actually seen them falling from the sky.

There has even been reports of falling crucian carp in some areas!

People living as far apart as Hiroshima in the south-west and Iwate in the north-east say they have stumbled on the dead creatures near their homes, in fields, school grounds, and on car roofs and windscreens.

People have speculated that the tadpoles might have fallen from the sky after being sucked up by waterspouts or carried by birds.

Check out the news direct from Japan:

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Mainichi Daily News: Mysterious rain of tadpoles hits Shizuoka, Hiroshima

And from the UK:

The Guardian: In Japan, it’s raining tadpoles …

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