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10 May 2010, JellyBean @ 3:42 pm

The unknown is attracting more and more paranormal investigators to one corner of the Valley these days.

Whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, or an alternate universe, what many are reportedly experiencing in Tempe may send goose bumps down your spine.

Some well known businesses in the heart of the city are actually paranormal hot spots.

“Do we have energy and aspects of ghosts out here? Well, yes,” said Paranormal Investigator Lindsay Brown.

Have you ever been in the second floor dining room at Casey Moore’s Oyster House in Tempe? One corner of the dining room is said to be the exact location of a murder. The victim is known to appear often, letting her presence be known.

“She was killed right here, her bed was right in front of this window and many people have seen her walking past the window and even jiggling the door handles up here,” Brown said.

Employees are first to back up the spooky claims, but there are other well known Tempe restaurants feeling the same eerie presence.

“It just happened a couple of weeks ago,” said Casey Moore’s employee David Schliefer. “There were two of us, we heard footsteps upstairs and I thought somebody was going into the office with a set of keys then I came up the stairs and there was nobody here.”

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