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29 April 2010, JellyBean @ 10:23 am

Amid the convulsion unleashed by the economic crisis and the violence that pervades every corner of the country, and in an episode reminiscent of the Chupacabras legend, young men and children from Monclova claim having seen a figure they have described as otherworldly, and was christened as “El Alien” by the media. In both of these cases, boys and teens describe a strange creature with smooth grey skin, large shining eyes similar to those of a dog, four-legged but walking on its two hind legs.

In recent days, the alleged discovery has represented a sort of respite after the psychosis that residents of the Central Region have experienced as the outcome of violence in several parts of the country, the economic crisis and the fuel boycotts that will take place on Saturday.

The subject is suitable for comment by the gas station attendant, who asks his co-worker: “So what’s up with the Alien?” by the psychologist from a state agency who wonders about the motives behind the entity’s alleged presence, and the businessman who claims to be part of the new generation of government employees, on account of the high cost of electricity, fuel and taxes.

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