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3 September 2010, JellyBean @ 7:25 am

So I’ve taken the liberty on doing some analysis of the ‘Mckenzie River Bigfoot’ footage. I started by slowing the video down by 15% and cropping and zooming in on the supposed mysterious creature. I have to say that the outcome isn’t surprising.

Matt Moneymaker from the BFRO had this to say:

This YouTube video shot in 2008 briefly shows what may be a sasquatch in central Oregon, on the McKenzie River. At this stage it is just a “figure of interest”.A dark, long-armed figure stood up and walked away from the edge of the river as the two whitewater row boats passed by. The cameraman was shooting a YouTube installment for a fly fisherman’s blog site.

I must admit that when I first saw the video, I saw the same thing. A long-armed figure that looks bipedal and seemed to follow a path opposite to those whitewater row boats. Not getting my hopes up, I wanted to investigate this a little further. In all my years as a paranormal/crypto writer for GhostTheory, I’ve learned one thing: Be open-minded, but not too open-minded that my brains fall out.

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