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4 September 2008, JellyBean @ 4:39 am

In this issue:

* Yogi Pullaver: True levitation or hoax?

From far back in history, the world has heard strange stories about Indian Yogi’s and their strange mystical abilities. People coming back from the Indian colony came with eye-witness reports of these mysterious feats. Perhaps the most widely reported one is that of levitation.
Is it possible for human beings to levitate?

* Angélique Cottin: Electric Girl

Angélique Cottin was a 14 year old Normandy peasant girl in the town of La Perrière. Little did she know that the events which would occur on the evening of January 15, 1846, would change her life forever and send her name into the annals of the mysterious, strange and bizarre.

It was about 8pm and Angélique, together with a number of other girls, were weaving silk gloves on an old oak weaving frame. Suddenly the heavy wooden frame began to shake and no matter what they did, the girls could not keep it still.

Being scared of this strange phenomenon, they ran out and called a neighbour who disbelieving them, told them to go back and get on with their work. Slowly the girls went back to the weaving frame which was now still … until Angélique came near when it began dancing around again. Al the girls were afraid, but Angélique felt a strange attraction to the frame.

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* Exeter ‘one of most haunted cities’

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* Woman claims that “Vampire” assaulted her

… and in Sci-Tech

* Experiment could cause end of world

* Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space

* Long-term Exposure to Incense Raises Cancer Risk

* Nazi racoons on warpath

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