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1 August 2008, JellyBean @ 4:27 am

In this issue:

* Was Frederick Valentich abducted by a UFO?

In early evening of October 21, 1978, Frederick Valentich, a 20 year old pilot took off from Melbourne’s Moorabbin airport. He was on his way to King Island which is just off the coast of Victoria.

The journey was only 130 miles away and in his Cessna 182 it should have taken just over an hour for him to make the trip. Unfortunately something mysterious happened and he didn’t arrive at his destination.

* Naysayers beware the skeptic raping Popo Bawa

The residents of Zanzibar are growing increasingly worried as Tanzania approaches their 2010 general elections. The reason is not so much due to political violence, but rather for fear that Popo Bawa will reappear.

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* ‘Montauk Monster’ Has Hamptons in a Tizzy

* Adventurer Steve Fossett ‘may have faked his death’

* Ed Mitchell and UFO believers

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