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8 September 2010, JellyBean @ 9:11 am

An interesting argument is playing out in the Space section of MSNBC. It began when veteran space reporter James Oberg questioned the foundation of a new book about UFOs called “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record.”

“The book’s main themes are the extraordinary stories of strange aerial encounters in Europe, South America and even the United States,” Oberg writes. “In these stories, investigators have failed to pinpoint phenomena to explain the sightings. And because the primary witnesses are pilots, the accounts are considered more credible than run-of-the-mill UFO reports. But are they really?”

Leslie Kean is the author of the book, and she’s striking back, calling Oberg a longtime UFO skeptic who “may be qualified to serve as an unbiased, expert consultant on Russian or Chinese missile systems, but not on UFOs.” This is a classic UFO battle, not over hard evidence but over claimed sightings. Who can say whether the witnesses actually saw what they think they saw, or if a trick of light or perspective was at work.

Kean is no doubt going to sell a lot of books because of the kerfluffle, and no doubt she’s playing on the “unknown” bigtime. Nonetheless, she contends the conclusion of her book is simply this: “We need a systematic, scientific investigation of the skies that actively looks for these mysterious and elusive objects.”

Kean says skeptics miss the point of the book….

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