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29 December 2008, JellyBean @ 10:40 am

Another impressive example of pareidolia, found by Jeremy Olden at his home at Lake Stevens, Seattle.

The icicle made the news around the world with people saying that it looks like Old Man Winter, or even the face of Jesus.

Jack Frost is believed to have originated from elf-like creature from Viking mythology, and was known as Jokul Frosti, which means ‘icicle frost’.

Legend has it that it is Jack Frost who changes the colour of autumn leaves on trees. But it is in winter that his talent really shines and the intricate engraving of frost and ice on windows is his real masterwork.


Some time later this mythology became a part of British folklore and Jack Frost has come to personify crisp, cold, winter weather.

Over in Russia, frost and snow is caused by an old man by the name of Father Frost. He is a blacksmith who could weld together earth and water. Perhaps his wife can be found in Germany where Mother Frost is said to be responsible for snow when she shaked out the white feathers from her bed!

It has become increasingly rare to see the work of Jack Frost because of the prevalance of double glazing. In single panes of glass, the cold of the night air freezes the condensed water vapour on the inside of the window to cause the distinctive ice patterns. These feathery patterns are usually guided by imperfections in the window, dust and tiny scratches.

Bob Dylan used the name “Jack Frost” as a pseudonym when he produced his 2001 album Love and Theft, as well as his 2006 record, Modern Times.

Mail Online: The REAL Jack frost…

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