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15 April 2009, JellyBean @ 8:00 am


“One of the scariest ghost story audio recordings I have ever heard!” – Renae Kepfer

“I had to sleep with the lights on for a week, THANKS A LOT!” – Midge Bensel

“An excellent audio recording, full of history and background on Waverly, and also the ghost stories and paranormal experiences at Waverly – I love this CD!” – Dale Clark


Special Internet Radio/Podcast broadcasters on the Internet are working together to promote awareness for Ewing’s Sarcoma through paranormal entertainment. This very special 80 minute broadcast, along with interviews with it’s creators can be heard on various networks online.

For those individuals who tuned in to “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience,” and are interested in obtaining a digital copy through iTunes, please click here to get your copy today! 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to help fight Ewing’s Sarcoma.


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a real building in Louisville Kentucky, and one of the most haunted places in the United States.

It has been featured on “The World’s Scariest Places,” “MTV’s Fear,” and was the location used to film the horror film “The Death Tunnel. Recently, it was the subject for two shows on the Sci-Fi Channel – “Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium,” and “TAPS – GHOST HUNTERS!”

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a place for people to go to die. It housed thousands of patients who were diagnosed with TB, and were sent there “by law” to live at Waverly until they were cured, or perished. Because there was no cure, many of them indeed died there, and at peak operation there was one death an hour.

It now stands to reason that this facility would be a prime location for hauntings, considering that that much suffering and death occcured. Even two nurses committed suicide in that building.

It took over three years to create this audio CD, with ghost stories and paranormal activity caught on our audio equipment – mastered, and ready for listeners to experience.
This CD was compiled to bring listeners an old time treat, to play this CD by the speakers in the dark, and listening to the many ghost stories that haunt the building to this very day. The CD is even hosted by a dearly departed resident of Waverly, who acts as your caretaker on your audio tour.


Points of interest on “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience”:

The original 2002 broadcast contains a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) which when played at normal speed sounds like five tones in a row, forming a melody. When those tones are slowed down, it becomes a woman’s voice saying “your not supposed to be here.” This famous EVP captured during this broadcast was featured on Fox News, and is mentioned on the ghost tour at Waverly.

The best way to listen to this CD is with the lights off, and the speakers up. Make sure you have some friends with you, because some of the things you will hear are incredibly frightening.

While everything that happened to us on the broadcast was 100% REAL, and nothing was pre-planned or faked, we can still not confirm or deny that “something” exists beyond death. We do want to stress that Waverly, if anything, is the closest proof we have been provided to make us believe there is more in the “afterlife” than we presently understand.

Jessica Shoffner, one of our audio crew members grew very sick almost instantly in the Solarium, and had to sit on the floor for several minutes to regain her composure. She was sweating, very warm, and complained of being physically ill withour warning.

Our crew not only experienced sudden onsets of sickness, but our video cameras began functioning wildly, with flashing lights and draining batteries. Our audio equipment stopped, then started, and it took us a few attempts to get back on track with the rest of the tour. At one point of our visit, bare footprints appeared on the cement, which caused us to go and investigate, and doors slammed and banged as we tried to get Jessica some air and continue conducting our investigation.

The entire setting for the evening was one twisted turn of events after another, which can all be heard on “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience.” Early in the tour, we quickly began to realize that we had much more in store for us than we bargained for – and we were right. Later in the tour we would witness a wispy figure dart across a door across the way from us on the fifth floor, and then witness “shadow people” crossing from one door to another breaking the natural light flowing in from the night sky outdoors.

Our biggest, and possibly the most horrifying event was not the shadow people we were watching, but the dark ominous figure that was standing behind us, seeming to get closer. The air grew silent and still – and the temperature of the room grew WARM. Keith Age from the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society quickly asked us to step back, because he said that this was typical right before “violent activity” occurred.

While everyone investigated the area safely, there were no physical attacks – however doors continued to close on their own, and in one case even unlock.

All of these events are captured on “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience,” and we urge you to get a copy and experience it for yourself. There were definitely things we could not explain, and for the record – the large dark “shadowy” figure that stood behind us haunts my mind as we write this now. I never EVER want to see anything similar to that in my lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions:

NOTE: The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience was recorded over a period of three years, one episode was recorded in 2002. The other was recorded in 2005. Both episodes were edited together to give a complete experience on the final CD.

The FAQ sections below are broken down to provide you with FAQ information for both the 2002 broadcast, and the 2005 broadcast.


1. Who all was present during the 2002 Waverly Hills TB Hospital broadcast?

Answer: The original broadcast was recorded by Jake A. Wheat (the former station manager for UndergroundLou.com, and now the station manager for StreetBlast.com). The tour guide was Keith Age from the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, and two “crew” members helping on the tour were Jerry Roberts and BJ Abner from the band PUC. There were a few security guards on our tour route that we passed, however for the majority of the recording we were by ourselves wondering the darkness.

2. What happened to UndergroundLou.com?

Answer: UndergroundLou.com went off the air, and the station was reformatted. It is now StreetBlast.com, and currently serves a larger variety of independent music (when we are not airing our special shows such as the Waverly broadcast), and has a larger listener base. [Podcast only as of 04/10/2009]

3. During the 2002 broadcast, a lot of things are happening to you. Were they real, or did you all fake them to make a cooler show?

Answer: When I (Jake) went to Waverly to record our first show, I did not believe in ghosts. I was basically – sorry to admit – kinda making fun of everyone who went on these tours, because I kept thinking about how silly everyone was behaving. I even chuckled a bit about a society of “ghost hunters,” because I felt like they were just freaky people with some old wise tales. Of course, they say you can have a life changing experience in a matter of seconds, and that truly was the case with our tour of Waverly. No, none of the events recorded were faked, including the fear you hear in my voice when I am walking through the halls. I desperately wanted to leave the building after we took a break on the roof, because I had already seen enough to know that I didn’t have control enough to feel safe. I also deeply respected the ghost hunters for being brave enough to investigate the “bumps in the night,” because all I wanted to do was run from them.

4. So you were really scared?

Answer: To quote myself at the end of the tour, “I am never NEVER coming back to this place again. Sorry.”

5. How did you discover the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that was recorded on your broadcast?

Answer: It was a fluke. For one, I had NEVER heard of EVP before, at all. I didn’t know what it was. Remember, I was not into the science of “ghost hunting,” and I didn’t have a clue about the lingo. No one mentioned to me about EVP (that I can recall) at all. I got done with recording the show at Waverly, and my crew and I headed back to the studio to master the recording to set it to air the following day. When I got back to the studio, the playback was being mastered along with a background piano track, and a few edits were made for time. I noticed in my headset that when I played back one of the segments, I got a weird series of tones. I thought maybe it was a input source on my mixer, so I turned all my channels down on the mixer, and played it back – there still was those darn tones. OK. So, I unplugged all the channels, and then muted all input sources and played it back again – tones. Confused, I sent a snip of the segment to Keith Age (Founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society), and he got back to me the following day. “That was an EVP,” he said. I asked him what that meant, and he explained that it was a “recording of a ghost talking.” I told him they were just tones, and he let me know that when you slowed those tones down – and played the segment back – you had a lady saying “your not supposed to be here.” I think it was then that I really REALLY developed my phobia for Waverly.

6. Did anyone get hurt while they were on the tour?

Answer: The initial 2002 tour was very VERY interesting. No one got physically hurt, although there were a lot of doors slamming, and footsteps, and weird shadowy images. There was a red light haze at the end of one hallway that just creeped me out. However, there was no physical harm on the 2002 trip at all.

7. Do you believe in ghosts now?

Answer: I believe that there is “something” greater than nothing out there. I used to not believe in anything at all, and now because of this I am forced to believe in something, or perhaps, a greater or higher state of being that we cannot scientifically prove or understand at this time. With the use of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field Readers) and all of those fancy gadgets, ghost hunters like the LGHS team are working hard to understand why doors slam, where EVP comes from, and to find the source for the bump in the night.

8. Lots of stuff happened in the 2002 show, can you give us a rundown of everything that occurred?

Answer: Hmm. Ok, I’ll try. 1. Initial power and equipment failure before the show started. 2. Second “battery failure” after first interview segment was recorded. 3. Recently found EVP during cafeteria segment. 4. The strange red light. 5. The watery footsteps. 6. The shadow people. 7. The elevator banger. 8. The mysterious EVP (your not supposed to be here). 9. The surgery room door closer. 10. The fifth floor exit door prankster. 11. More strange noises. 12. A trip to my shrink for a bottle of Prozac? (I am sure there is more, but I am typing this alone…. mmmk?)

10. Why do they tell the story on the tour about you (Jake) running out of Waverly after the door slams shut?

Answer: Heh, clever editing. If you listen to the re-mastered show, I explain this to you. However, yes dear friends – the first time we did that take and the door slammed shut on it’s own – I was hauling my butt to the nearest exit. Sorry, I’m not a natural born fan of the supernatural…… and, I have seen the Amityville horror and when the house says GET OUT – I’m going to listen to the house! Both BJ Abner and Jerry Roberts from PUC, along with Keith Age got me back into the “interview mode,” but we cut out where all that “Jake chickens out” stuff occurred.

11. Why be afraid of Waverly?

Answer: I’m not afraid of “Waverly,” I just don’t like ANYTHING I can’t see being able to slam doors with brut force, or possibly cause me harm. Injury is not something I am like a BIG fan of, and lots of very heavy doors were slamming, and misty things were coming towards us, and when I don’t have control of logic – my fight or flight response kicked in, and I wasn’t about to fight a “misty thing,” so I flew. LOL!

12. During the tour segments, what did you use to record the show?

Answer: Before we drove up to Waverly, I went to Meijers on Dixie Highway and bought a new recorder. I also bought a HUGE pack of AA batteries, because I thought that I would need them to master the show into my PC back at the studio after we were done. It was just a standard cassette recorded, nothing fancy – apparently it was good enough to catch ghosts making themselves known!


1. Who all was present during the 2005 Waverly Hills TB Hospital broadcast?

Answer: Jason Schuler, Josh Shoffner, Jessica Shoffner, Craig Weikel, Jake Wheat, Keith Age (LGHS), Dale Clark (LGHS), Renae Kepfer (LGHS), and a few unwelcome spirits.

2. Why did Jessica get sick during the tour?

Answer: Jessica Shoffner is in her second trimester of her pregnancy. Keith Age (LGHS) explains in the broadcast that pregnant women who visit Waverly sometimes suddenly become ill. In Jessica’s case, she was extremely warm to the touch, and was covered in sweat. Keith Age stated this was a “normal” reaction for a pregnant woman in Waverly.

3. During the 2005 broadcast, a lot of things are happening to you. Were they real, or did you all fake them to make a cooler show?

Answer: No. Nothing was faked at all. I expected this tour to be a bit uneventful actually, because I didn’t think for a moment that we would get anything like we did in 2002. I was absolutely shocked when we found the bare footprints that came from the water puddle in the hall, and I am NOT EVEN going to comment on the large shadow figure that was standing behind us on the 4th floor. That will give me nightmares, I am quite sure of it.

4. So you were really scared?

Answer: Of a VERY LARGE black shadowy “THING” standing in the hall watching us? Um, yes…. it was the most frightening thing I have ever seen. When you listen to that segment in the broadcast, most of us want the LGHS crew to turn the lights back on. Of course, instead they investigated…….. and *cough* we followed.

5. Did you record any EVP in the 2005 broadcast?

Answer: Presently, no. During the mastering of the broadcast we all expected to hear something unusual – but nothing was recorded that we have found at this time. Bummer, I know.

However, EVP recordings are not as common in Waverly as say – doors slamming, etc.
. Did anyone get hurt while they were on the tour?

Answer: When we witnessed the LARGE black shadowy figure, the air grew very still and the temperature got warmer. Keith Age (LGHS) stated that this is the time when “violent” activity usually occurs. However, nothing transpired from that situation, and no one was injured during the tour. However, Jessica did get ill for a short while, but she recovered back to normal soon after.

7. What did the rest of the crew think about Waverly?

Answer: It’s hard to speak for the rest of the crew, however I do know this much: 1. Josh Shoffner and Jessica Shoffner were big skeptics, and now they are not. 2. Jason Schuler was amused by the occurrences, but still remains skeptical. 3. Craig Weikel wants to SEE a full apparition (like the librarian ghost in Ghostbusters) before he can say he believes. 4. I believe dark shadowy figures are enough to call ghosts REAL.

8. Can I purchase a copy of “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience”?

Answer: It is available on iTunes, and you 100% of the proceeds will go to Stomp Out Cancer, Inc. (www.stompoutcancer.com)

9. Lots of stuff happened in the 2005 show, can you give us a rundown of everything that occurred?

Answer: LOL! I haven’t counted that high in YEARS!

10. Why do they tell the story on the tour about you (Jake) running out of Waverly after the door slams shut?

Answer: Keith Age (LGHS) is tormenting me.

11. Why be afraid of Waverly?

Answer: Large black shadowy figures that stare at you.

12. During the tour segments, what did you use to record the show?

Answer: A radio shack handheld analog recorder, and a RCA digital recorder with headset mic. We also had a UV digital video camera, and a Sony digital camera.


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