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10 May 2010, JellyBean @ 3:31 pm

The latest entrant to the list of people in Madhya Pradesh, who claim to have sighted unidentified Flying objects (UFO), is state Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Ramkrishna Kusmaria.

Kusmaria said he spotted an UFO in Sukha village in Damoh district, about 275 km east of state capital Bhopal, while on an official tour.

Kusmaria said he clearly saw the object in the sky, and it was emitting sharp sparks. “The object caused damage to the standing crops in the area. I saw papaya fruits fell off the trees as the UFO passed by,” the minister said.

“I took photographs of the circular object with my camera. I would share the photograph with you as soon as I come back to Bhopal,” he told media over the phone.

Kusmaria’s story, however, has landed the district officials in soup, as villagers have already started claiming compensation for crop damage caused by the UFO sighted by a no less than a minister.

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