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11 July 2008, JellyBean @ 4:08 am

Calvin Michel is sick and tired of crop circles. He is tired of people asking him questions about them and in particular about the patch of flattened wheat in one of his fields near St. Gregor, Saskatchewan, in western Canada.Crop circle

It all started 3 summers ago in 2005 when he discovered a flattened circle in his barley field. The following year, peas planted in the same field refused to grow in the circular patch.

This past August, son Evan Michel noticed a 15 meter wide circle appearing in the wheat crop.


“‘Mom,’ he called, ‘the aliens are back. Bring the camera out,'” his mother recalls him saying.

This formation outdid the previous ones. On close examination, the family noticed that the wheat stalks were not broken, but laid out neatly in a counter-clockwise position. The stalks were also laid out in an alternating weave pattern.

This circle resulted in a media frenzy that the Michel family did not want.

“There’s a lot of hard feelings. We were put through the wringer,” he said of the barrage of media interest that resulted in national television coverage and Internet discussion since the discovery.

Michel, his wife Gail, and their son Evan, willingly talked about the circle and showed it to people who were interested, but their enthusiasm vanished at the end of September. A friend told them that he had made the impressions in the crops as a joke.

He admitted that he had flattened the area over the previous three summers and that he had used ‘Roundup’ to prevent the peas from growing.

“Nobody told us it was homemade,” Michel said when reporters asked about the alleged hoax.

However, many people believe that the hoaxer is hoaxing about the hoax. Gail Michel herself is slightly skeptical.

“They would have gone to a lot of trouble to accomplish that.” she recently told reporters.

She mentioned that nodes on the wheatstalks were unexplainedly lengthened and were different from the wheat outside the formation.

There is a lack of evidence such as footprints, or board marks in or near the formations as well. The hoaxer explained that the rain had probably washed that away.

He also failed to tell the Michel’s how he managed to create the weave pattern of the stalks, nor has he given an explanation for the alleged electromagnetic field within the circle.

Global News reporter Jenny Cartwright sat in the middle of the field and took photos with her cellphone camera. Later she found that the log of all her recent calls had been erased and in its place was a list of calls with dates like “05/08/17” and “04/08/70”. The numbers themselves were either unrecognizable or “withheld”.

“It’s really scrambled,” she said. “It might just be a strange coincidence, but it’s fun to think that it isn’t.”

Did the unnamed friend really create a hoax? Did Calvin Michel create the hoaxer to get rid of media attention? Are the crop circles a result of higher intelligence? Only you can decide because I don’t think the answer will be coming any time soon.

To see some excellent copyrighted photos of the 2007 crop formation, click on the link and go to cropcircleconnector.com

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