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2 September 2010, JellyBean @ 9:13 am

A friend of mine told me a story about her father. She told me that during his life he had been hit by lightning numerous times yet lived to not only tell about them but was never seriously hurt. He also had lost time experiences and strange confrontation with a blue orb. He lived through all of these experiences yet refused to find anything odd about them living instead in a secure denial.

My friend along with other family members knew something was very strange about the events that her father encountered . They tried over the years to get him to report or at least discuss them with those who may be able to explain what may be causing or going on concerning his encounters. My friends father was adamant about this subject and would not let anyone discuss his experiences outside of the family.

The family knew he was having experiences other people were not having but simply could not get the man to accept his situation . He would go to great lengths to find reasons why the things happening to him were perfectly normal .

The events in this man’s life started when he was 15 years old. He was working on a construction barge located in the Atlantic Ocean during the 1930’s.He was a water boy/ laborer on a work crew that was working on a project off of Long Beach New York.

The crew would be brought out by boat to a large floating barge where they would work until the end of the day when the boat would return to bring them back to the dock at Long Beach on the coast of Long Island.

During one work day the boy was late finishing his routine and the boat that returned the men to shore left early. The man , then a boy, became stranded on the barge. He was alone , he was 15 years old and a bit nervous knowing they would not send another boat out to the barge until morning.

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