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9 September 2008, JellyBean @ 6:10 am

Do objects disappear around your home, then inexplicably reappear? You may be experiencing what is now termed ‘Disappearing Object Phenomena’.

Here is a true story of what happened to me:

One afternoon I had just returned from a shopping expedition to my local supermarket. One of my purchases was a 25kg (55lbs) bag of potatoes. I carried it from my car and put it on my kitchen counter. I went out to the car to collect a few more bags of shopping and returned to the kitchen. The bag of potatoes was gone!

I searched the small kitchen but could not find the big bag anywhere. A little perlexed I asked a friend to take a look. He searched the kitchen thoroughly and still came up with a blank. He confirmed that he had seen me carrying the bag of potatoes into the kitchen and that it was now gone.


Later that evening I went into the kitchen to start cooking supper. Low and behold the bag of potatoes was on the kitchen counter exactly where I had left it. There was no one else around and no way anyone could have entered the kitchen without me seeing them.

This was not the first, or the last time something unexplained happened in that house either.

Most people report small things that have vanished inexplicably, only to turn up later exactly where they looked for it. In my case the object was rather large!

So what exactly happened? Can we explain it?

There are several possibilities as to what this phenomenon is:


When we examine strange phenomena, we should examine the most logical. In some cases people become distracted whilst handling an object and put it down. Later when they look for it, they have ‘forgotten’ where they put it. They will automatically look in all the ‘usual places’ and of course probably draw a blank. Later they find it and the unconscious mind fills in the rest.

Another Person

Another plausible factor could be as simple as another person – maid, friend or relative in the house. You could put something down which another person then borrows. When you look for it, you can’t find it. Later the other person returns it and you find it exactly where it should have been.

Poltergeists or Spirits

In the case of my potatoes, I believe that they vanished because of a paranormal entity. I don’t say this lightly, because as I mentioned before, this was not an isolated incident. On another occassion it was a 10kg bag or rice that vanished, and on another a rather heavy book.

My cats also often reacted to an unseen presence in the house and on more than one occassion people would see a shadow person or ghost out the corner of their eye. Sometimes writing would appear on a wall, written in pencil.

Poltergeists are a well documented phenomenon and they are characterised by having the ability to move objects around. Of course many people say that poltergeist activity is probably a psychic phenomena caused by an individual rather than a paranormal entity.

Phase Shifting

Could the object temporarily shift out of phase and thus become invisible? Certainly scientifically speaking it is theoretically possible although has not been proved. Could a rift in the space-time continuum cause an object to vanish and then reappear some time later?

Dimensional Shifting

Another theory of science says that we have many more dimensions than the three we are used to in our day to day lives. Certainly spiritual people claim to know that there is another dimension out there. Could these objects somehow temporarily slip into an alternate dimension before sliding back into ours?

‘The Little People’

In many cultures around the world there is a belief in the ‘little people’. Be it fairies from Europe to the tokoloshe in southern Africa, these creatures are often blamed for taking things which do not belong to them. Could such creatures actually exist in some form?

One time, much like the potato episode, I had a 10kg bag of rice vanish. I was in a rush that day and was irritated that I could not find the bag. I walked out of the kitchen, stood with my back to the door and shouted

“Stop playing games with me. I am in a rush and I would appreciate it if you put the bag or rice back – NOW.”

I turned around and went back into the kitchen. The bag or rice was sitting exactly where I had put it before. Was it one of the small folk?

Whatever the reason for objects that vanish and reappear, it has happened to nearly everyone! Could the reason by quite mundane, or is it part of the mysterious reaching out to touch our lives?

If you have stories about this phenomenon, please share them with us either below or in the forums.

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