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22 October 2008, JellyBean @ 8:06 am

Emmy award winning journalist, Linda Moulton Howe recently reported on a strange story of how two hunters encountered strange lights and a lime green, glowing humanoid on October 4.

It was early morning when the hunters in Elk County, western Pennsylvania, had their unusual and frightening experience. It started when they heard the howling of coyotes. The howling became louder and louder until at times they couldn’t hear each other very well. Neither of the hunters had ever encountered this kind of thing before.

They carried on into the woods, with their only lights being a mini-mag flashlight and another LED hatlight. Suddenly thee hunters saw two dim glowing lights ahead of them on the other side of a field. They described the lights as having an Indigo glow about them.


They thought that this was probably from another hunter in the area, so they wandered off again. Suddenly they say another light. This one looked like a flashlight bobbing and weaving amongst the trees. Again they dismissed it as just another hunter. However within 10 minutes they noticed that the original light had been joined by at least another 10 beams. This was unusual.

The lights appeared to be coming from a height of about ten feet off the ground and were being projected parallel to the ground. At this point they didn’t have a clue as to what was causing the lights.

As they watched the beams of light they suddenly noticed a glowing human-like figure standing right where the lights originated from. To the hunters it appeared as though the beams seemed to lead the creature.

As they watched, the creature moved about 20 feet into a field of grass.They described the creatures movements as quick and steady. After watching a few seconds the beams of light vanished.

The hunters described the creature as human shaped – almost like a silhouette of a person. But the strange thing was that it glowed with a lime green light. One of the witnesses said that it looked the same as if you saw something painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Judging from the speed it was travelling, they estimated that it was twice as fast as they had been walking. But it also appeared that the creature was gliding, rather than walking. Both witnesses said that they could hear no sounds eminating from either the lights or the creature.

At this point, both being scared, one of the men whistled out loud. Immediately the glowing creature stopped, remained stationary for about 30 seconds and then moved another 20 feet into the field before suddenly vanishing from sight. At this point the coyotes stopped howling. During the entire encounter the coyotes had continued to howl.

Later that day the hunters returned to the same spot to search for any clues. They did not find any evidence of footprints or anything else to suggest that what they had seen had indeed been there.

Stan Gordon, UFO and Cryptozoology Investigator and Video Producer, later interviewed the men when he heard of their story. What struck him was that these floating humanoid figures have been reported in area before.

In August, 2000, five people seeing a 5 feet tall humanoid with very long and slender extremities. It appeared to be carrying a staff of a bout 5 feet in length. This entity also was seen gliding about 6 inches off the ground.

Elk County and the nearby Fayette County also have a wealth of stories about strange animals, UFO’s, unexplained booms and sounds and of course the Thunderbird sightings. Could they all be related to the same entity?

Linda Moulton Howe: Earthfiles..com

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