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15 June 2009, JellyBean @ 10:33 am

Cryptozoology Jon Downes takes a look at photographs sent to the Center for Fortean Zoology from a recent expedition in the Peruvian rainforest by Mike and Greg Warner that show what they believe to be a giant anaconda at the side of a river.
“Jon Downes: After a week of negotiations with Mike and Greg Warner, the CFZ has the exclusive rights to release all the pictures from their Peruvian expedition. Greg sent these with the following message: “These are the two shots we got that we believe is Yacumama or giant anaconda. It looks like the head to me and part of the body surfacing at the other side of the channel.””

Read more:

Cryptozoology Online: Peru “giant snake” pictures released

Thanks to Unexplained Mysteries for the heads up!

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