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23 June 2009, JellyBean @ 8:46 am

The extremely popular Monster Quest series is often out looking for monsters of the world. A recent episode features giant crocodiles and one thing became apparent during the show: there are definitely undocumented giant crocodiles and alligators lurking around the world.
This week Cryptozoology online released a story where Jon Downes examines a set of photographs he received taken from a helicopter showing what appears to be an alligator of monstrous proportions swimming through the water with an adult stag in its mouth.

“Jon Downes: One of the things about the Fortean omniverse I have always found entertaining is the way that stuff always happens in batches. On the same day that I received this story about alligators in Alabama, I also received this series of photographs and what purports to be a news story…”

Source: Cryptozoology Online

Thanks to Unexplained Mysteries for the heads-up!

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