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23 September 2010, JellyBean @ 1:57 pm

It may sound like science fiction but researchers believe they have discovered the ‘Holy Grail’ – an anti-ageing pill that will add decades to our lives.

Furthermore its creator Professor Vladimir Skulachev said it should be available to the public within two years

The Russian scientist from Moscow State University, said the drug works by halting the damaging effects of oxygen on the body’s cells.

This would slow down the ageing process dramatically, and stave off dangerous age-related illnesses thereby adding years to our lives.

The dream of eternal life has been woven into myth and legend over thousands of years. The Holy Grail, a cup that was supposedly used by Jesus during the the Last Supper was said to give immortality to whoever drank from it.

But while many may dismiss the 69-year-old’s claims as outlandish, his findings have been backed up by the international community including Nobel prize winner Dr Gunter Blobel.

Read more: Daily Mail

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