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21 April 2009, JellyBean @ 2:01 pm

One of my favourite blogs, Inexplicata, has recently reported on a mysterious humanoid ‘Bat Man’ that has been terrorizing Mexicans recently.

I am not sure why, but the ‘monsters’ of Mexico and Central and South America have always fascinated me. Added to this is the wealth of UFO sightings and even close encounters. This makes Latin America a truly mysterious and bizarre place!

Anyway, here is a part of the article on the latest sightings of the flying bat man in the land of small dogs!

Man Bat“The Man Bat, who seems to have popped out of some fiction movie, is a real creature that caused a young student from the local university–and a resident of La Junta — to panic. It is a being witnessed by several locals who have described it as a winged humanoid with a fur-covered face and a height of 2 meters.

This all coincides, by the way, with the killings of sheep by decapitation in several ranches. The young man, a non-smoker, non-drinker and non-drug user, is called ? and does not want his name in print.

And he has not yet recovered from the experience that evening – Friday, March 6 at 23:50n hours, as he left Universidad Regional del Norte and headed home to La Junta. However, when he reached Puente Sin Nombre, he was forced to hit the brakes and make an emergency stop. There was a shadowy bulk on the asphalt, looking like a hunched-over man , perhaps covered by a blanket.

Upon approaching, the still unknown figure rose to its full height, leaped forward twice, unfurled enormous bat-like wings that probably covered the width of the lane, and took to the air.

The young man in question – a serious and outstanding student in his coursework, didn’t think twice. He floored the accelerator of his Liberty, burning rubber as he tried to flee from the unknown.

A desperate, fifteen minute chase ensued. The strange creature flew with the power of its rear wings, which were smaller, keeping abreast of the vehicle and peering through the passenger window.”

You can read the entire article on the Inexplicata blog

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