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23 March 2009, JellyBean @ 12:55 pm

Over the past few years, a number of strange reports have been filed concerning flying humanoid beings being seen. Many of these have come from Mexico and South America, but one, last year, came from Poland. Now comes a new report of such a being seen in Poland again:
The sighting took place in March 2008 (probably on 23rd or 30th). It was Sunday but the witness isn’t sure of the exact date.

On that day Mrs. Izydora from Szczecinek (northern part of Poland) went with her husband on a trip to Borne Sulinowo area. The man parked their car and soon they departed. While her husband went toward the local forest, Mrs. Izydora decided to stroll amongst ruins of the local military base. It was about 1 – 2 p.m.

Suddenly woman felt strange but decided to walk further. After a while she unexpectedly noticed in the mid-air some kind of semi-transparent entity. As she said, it looked like a “misty figure” of a man hovering several meters above the ground. Mrs. Izydora (71) could see its exact shape since the silhouette was outlined by whitish contour making it quite noticeable.

For some time the witness remained as if paralyzed and unable to scream while the being was hovering nearly directly above her. It remained in the air in a distance of a few meters and kept its arms stretched “as if preparing to flight”. After a while of observation woman decided to retreat to her car parked nearby.

One has to wonder what these beings could be, assuming there is no hoax taking place. Are they aliens on a scouting mission, spiritual beings (angels/ghosts), inter-dimensional entities or something completely different?

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