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11 May 2010, JellyBean @ 8:21 pm

Feedback from audience members who watched an online UFO video revealed secret Mars-related messages encrypted within their spoken testimonies. The newly released video “UFO Lands at ECETI Ranch Part 2” was recorded during the 2009 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference in Trout Lake, WA. The preliminary findings presented in this article discuss mirror filtering of audio and visual recordings as a scientific methodology with practical applications in UFO disclosure research.

In the video, an infrared night vision camera follows a team of international observers as they interact with a hovering UFO. During the sighting, multiple light phenomena are captured in close proximity to the camera including UFO signaling, flyby and landing events.

Following its online release, research was conducted in order to solicit testimonies from audience members. Participants were asked to call a toll-free number and leave a message up to 2 minutes in length describing what they saw in the video. Those recordings were then subject to analysis and interpretations using voice-based disclosure technology employing an audio mirror filter to detect unconscious communications representing potentially secret UFO information.

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