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25 August 2010, JellyBean @ 9:45 am

In September 2009 six Egyptian villagers died while digging an illegal tunnel shaft. The site of the illegal excavation was in the village of Nazlet el-Samman, under a ramshackle house adjacent to the wall surrounding the Giza Plateau—not far from the Sphinx. Newspaper accounts relate that the villagers had been convinced by a charlatan that an ancient treasure could be found by digging down to a tunnel complex under the house.

Speculation immediately arose that they were attempting to access the Hall of Records, but precisely where they obtained the specific site information is an intriguing question. Both before and after the deaths, a lot of questionable activities took place. The pdf file on the above left contains my full report on the affair. The pdf file on the upper right contains only a summary of the controvery about Andrew Collins cave discovery.

Precisely how the site (just off the Giza Plateau) was identified as an access point is possibly explained in a claim made by Bill Brown, who says he was the manager of a Polish university ground penetrating radar project in Egypt. Brown performed a “secret” ground penetrating radar study adjacent to the site and found “gold and statues.” He asserts that the Hall of Records can be accessed from tunnels there.

According to Brown his GPR data was stolen. Brown and a colleague, Richard Gabriel (a pseudonym), also claim that a conspiracy is at work involving the Cayce organization (the ARE) and Dr. Zahi Hawass. Brown flatly claims that Hawass and the ARE are lying about secret excavations and he says that an “Atlantean high technology device” previously “seen” underground by him has apparently been removed. Brown and Gabriel also claim that they have seen other underground “treasures, gold and statues,” in this area of the plateau. The claims also involved a now-fallen-apart story of how a friend of Brown’s dressed in a policeman’s hat and coat to slip onto the Giza Plateau at night and film a nighttime excavation.

The entire film was shot from a roof top. The film was a centerpiece in their “conspiracy” claim and the fact that the details are not what was initially claimed cast doubts on the veracity of Brown & Gabriel. In an online video Brown placed online in late August (see bottom of page for link), he talked about the connection between his research and the deaths of the six Egyptians: “Someone started to believe that our information was correct and someone started digging there.”

With respect to the caves discovered by Andrew Collins back in March 2008, Bill Brown took full credit for the discovery by relating, “We have found a cave system at Giza.” Andrew Collins was not mentioned or credited in any way.

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