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6 January 2009, JellyBean @ 9:23 am

This week I was reading a fascinating article by Dan Green in which he talks about his fascination with tunnel systems. In the article he talks about a number of tunnels he has explored and about his search for the hidden Templar’s treasure.Dan Green and the entrance to 'Agharti'

According to Dan, he first became interested in tunnels when he read the book ‘The lost world of Agharti’ by Alec Mclellan. Alec describes seeing a strange light in the valleys of YOrkshire, and following them discovered a hidden tunnel. He believes that this tunnel was a hidden entrance to the lost subterranean world of Agharti, the mystical Tibetan Shamballah.

In 1982, Dan decided to follow up on the story and he believes that he found the actual tunnel, although according to records was probably an abandoned mine. This spurred him on to search for other tunnels.

Read more about his amazing tunneling adventures and his search for the Templar’s treasure by clicking HERE.

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