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16 September 2010, JellyBean @ 9:16 am

With echoes of the DB Cooper case, three ‘credible’ witnesses reported seeing a man leap from a plane at a high altitude and then plummeting towards the earth.

Initially they thought he was a skydiver, but no parachute was deployed and they were convinced that he fell to his death.

There is only one problem, despite a search of the densely populated Atlantic City, nothing has turned up. The man has completely disappeared.

The search began with search parties, but later helicopters were drafted in to help. Nothing was found.

So how does a person fall froma plane and then vanish?

The witnesses could have been mistaken. Perhaps they thought it was a person but was just something else falling from the plane.

It could have been a hoax where the people in the plane pushed out a dummy or ‘human sized’ package.

Another possibility is that it was part of a drug smuggling ring. The packaged drugs are pushed out the plane and then collected by someone on the ground in a designated area.

If it was indeed a body, then perhaps it is hidden amongst foliage, on top of a roof or fallen into water. In any of these cases, it would be hard to find the body.

The final unbelievable and unlikely suggestion is that perhaps the person managed to survive the fall and merely walked away.

Part of the mystery is that no planes have reported losing a passenger…

Source: Courier Post Online

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