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3 September 2010, JellyBean @ 7:32 am

“Nonhuman” is a fairly ironic statement. By definition alone, a cat, giraffe, or bumblebee would all constitute nonhuman entities that, without a doubt, inhabit this planet alongside humankind. And yet, strangely, when you use an expression such as “nonhuman entities,” even without clarification, the image this spurs in the mind tends to be of something innately human like, just not quite Homo sapien.

Funny, then, that “nonhuman” almost invariably will evoke images of beings which, for the most part, appear very similar to humans, particularly among those of us of the Fortean persuasion. I’ve long wondered whether, in some capacity, there might have been (or might still be) other entities on planet Earth that were very similar to being humans–hominid sub-species whose branches only stemmed away from the evolutionary trunk a few thousand years before the course which led our ancestors to being what we are today–that remain undiscovered.

This sounds particularly elementary as stated here, since anthropologists will quickly name the variety of early bipeds and robust hominids that did invariably precede us. Dating back to humanity’s frail beginnings that were entombed in dust and stone around our early Ethiopian relative, Lucy, she and her kind were later discovered by the Leakey family in parts of Africa beginning in the late 1950s. But aside from the known hominids, could there be evidence of other humanoids that have existed alongside us here on Earth for thousands of years or more?

Part of this riddle lay hidden not only beneath the soil of hundreds of generations, as did Lucy’s nearly infantile frame, but also steeped in the mists of rumor and folklore carried about in the verbal traditions of many cultures.

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