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24 September 2008, JellyBean @ 6:21 am

Magenta Pixie introduces Zingdad of www.book-of-light.com who channels “Adamu” bringing forth information regarding the timeline where a large lightship shall be visible to us around mid-october this year.

I am not known to be a skeptic but when I see names like ‘Magenta Pixie’ and ‘Zingdad’, something inside me just cringes. I guess we have only a matter of a couple weeks left before we know whether they are accurate in their predictions or not.

So why I am posting things that I am a tad skeptical about? Well I believe that you the reader should be informed about things that I may not entirely believe. After all who knows – they could all be right! It is up to you on what you decide to believe.

Here are the two videos from Zingdad:


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image



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