21 June 2012, JellyBean @ 5:25 am

A housemaid in Dubai has been accused of urinating in the tea kettle of her sponsor’s family and endangering their lives.

She believed that her urine would enchant them to treat her better.

Prosecutors charged the 26-year-old Indonesian housemaid, D.R., of intentionally endangering the life of her Emirati sponsor and his family by urinating in the tea kettle and serving them the tea.

Records said the defendant urinated in the teakettle and served the tea to the family seven times in the month of April.

When the defendant appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on Tuesday, she failed to admit or deny her accusation due to the absence of a translator.

When asked by the judge on what language she spoke, D.R. stood in courtroom nine and confidently said: “I speak Arabic.” The judge adjourned the case until an Indonesian translator is made available on July 8.

On being questioned by prosecutors, D.R. confessed that she had urinated in her sponsor’s tea kettle to enchant them so that they would treat her better.

“Yes, I peed in the tea that I served them nearly seven times last April. My sponsor’s wife was constantly complaining .. .once I met my countrywoman and asked her for advice to make my sponsor and his family treat me better and love me more.

“She advised me to pee in the bathtub of my sponsor’s washroom and urinate in the tea before serving it to them. I did so nearly seven times until I got exposed.

“When the wife confronted me, I told her what I did. I used to urinate in a cup inside my washroom and then would go and pour some of the urine in her bathroom,” the housemaid said.

D.R. alleged that she used to put around a teaspoon of her urine in the tea kettle before serving the tea.

She claimed that her sponsor, his wife and her brother drank the tea.

Meanwhile, the Emirati sponsor testified that he reported D.R. to the police after he discovered four pools of urine in the washroom over different occasions.

“Every time I asked her about the pool of urine, she denied any responsibility. However, on the day when I was taking her to the police in my car, she admitted that she had peed in the bathroom and tea kettle to enchant us and treat her better,” he claimed.

The trial continues.

6 January 2012, JellyBean @ 6:20 am

An unusual lawsuit is asking a New York judge to decide if puppies have souls.

In her civil suit, dog owner Elena Zakharova contends that pets — considered “property” under state law — are much more than that: living creatures that feel love and pain.

Zakharova says the upper New York pet store that sold her a pooch with bad knees and hips should be liable for the pup’s pain and suffering, as if it were a person.

She also wants compensation for her astronomical vet bills: $4,000 so far, with another $4,000 on the horizon — a total of about $1,000 a pound for the year-old Brussels Griffon she named Umka.

“Pets must be recognized as living souls, not inanimate property,” said Zakharova’s lawyer, Susan Chana Lask. “Umka feels love and pain like any human being whose pain and suffering would be recognized in a court.”

Amid the proliferation of shady puppy mills that churn out “purebred” dogs with congenital heart and joint problems, New York State has a “Puppy Lemon Law” that lets buyers return a sick animal in 14 days.

But Lask says it took months for Umka’s problems to surface. The 2-month-old puppy, Zakharova bought last February for $1,650, didn’t start limping and whimpering until July.

Despite extensive and painful surgery, the dog will never walk or run properly.

“Umka suffers a disorder causing her pain, her legs hurt, she cries when she is in pain, she drags herself with her front paws, she cannot run like other puppies,” the suit reads.

“She should not have been sired by dogs with genetic disorders,” it says.

If the judge won’t recognize Umka’s suffering, Lask said she will argue the dog should be subject to the Uniform Commercial Code that gives a buyer four years to return a “defective product.”

8 April 2011, JellyBean @ 8:42 am

A PE class at Galashiels Academy, Scotland had to run for cover as it started raining worms.

The teacher and pupils were out playing football when they had to quickly abandon their lesson when worms fell out of the cloudless sky.

The teacher, 26 year old David Crichton said: “We went out to one of our outdoor areas – an all-weather Astroturf pitch.

“We were out playing football and had just done our warm-up and were about to start the next part of the lesson.

“We started hearing this wee thudding noise on the ground.

“There were about 20 worms already on the ground at this point. Then they just kept coming down.

“The kids were laughing but some were covering their heads and others were running for cover for a while.

“They just scattered to get out of the way.”

Following the incident, teachers went out to the football pitch and nearby tennis courts and picked up more than 120 of the worms.

“I spoke with the science department here but none of them had any explanation for it,” Mr Crichton said.

“One of them thought maybe it was a freak weather thing.

“But it was such a clear, calm day.”

Kenny McKay, headteacher at Galashiels Academy, said: “The event does coincide with a significant change in the weather in recent days and so could be the result of an unusual meteorological event.

“The students and staff of Galashiels Academy are rightly proud of their school for many reasons, including its record in sport and its beautiful environs.

“However, we never thought we’d be famous for such a strange event.”

“None of the students were hurt, although they did find the experience quite bizarre.

“None of them will ever forget the day at school when worms fell out of the sky.”

Weird rain is not that rare. There have been reports of falling frogs, fish and even snakes before.

Events involving worms were also recorded in 1872 in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1877 in Christiana, Norway, and in 1924 in Halmstad, Sweden.

Be careful what falls from the sky!

30 January 2011, JellyBean @ 5:30 pm

The Chinese government has been left severely embarrassed following a CCTV broadcast which was meant to show fighter pilots of their new J-10 aircraft shooting down another jet.

The footage which was aired extensively on CCTV before suddenly being yanked was exposed by Chinese bloggers. They compared the footage to scenes from the 1986 film, Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise.

The Wall Street Journal has since created a video which compares the news clip with the famous film scene… and there are uncanny similarities:

This is not the first time that Chinese media have flouted copyright laws, but it is the first time that they have tried to pass it off as original.

You can read about the possibility that China faked their first spacewalk HERE

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