23 September 2011, JellyBean @ 5:15 am

Israeli Channel 10 exposes Actors and film teacher/students who all took a part in this.

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1 July 2011, JellyBean @ 9:14 am

Some people asked me why I did not post the UFO footage taken in London recently. The reason is that I highly suspected it to be fake and I do not like putting up things I feel are fake.

According to sources, this was simply a PR stunt for a special effects company.

Over the past several years, companies have used this kind of free marketing technique. They create a fake video, make it go viral on the net and then come out and say it was them. Free publicity etc.

The footage was filmed near the BBC Radio 1 building in Great Portland Street, and shows specks of white light flying at high altitude over the capital. At one stage a ‘saucer’ appears flying around before vanishing behind the clouds.

The footage is believed to have been shot from inside the offices of a visual effects company called The Mill. This company creates special effects for the film industry.

Shocked? I’m not.

23 June 2011, JellyBean @ 10:00 am

What the hell is this? Optical illusion, Project Bluebeam, Fata Morgana, mirage, fake?

An amazing video news report from China of an ‘optical illusion’ that appeared at approximately 5 PM, local time on Thursday in eastern China at the Tunxi section of the Xin’an River in Huangshan City, the mirage, a spectacular skyline of a city and mountains.

According to the news report in the video, the latest ‘optical illusion’, one of several that have been recently seen in the area. We wondered, does anyone know the identity of the ‘mystery’ city? Was the optical illusion a ‘real city’?

Video of ‘city skyline’ optical illusion filmed in Huangshan, China, on Thursday, June 16, 2011:
YouTube Preview Image

In 2005, an earlier ‘optical illusion’ was seen by thousands of residents of Penglai City for ‘four hours’. The illusion or mirage, clear enough to see ”bustling cars as well as crowds of people all clearly visible’.

It must be noted that some people have raised concerns about this story and video. All reports of this story cite the link below. We cannot find any verifiable Chinese source for this story either…

Source: Death By 1000 Papercuts

10 March 2011, JellyBean @ 7:40 am

So what does a bored performance artist and amateur filmmaker do to make life more interesting? Thats right! He dresses up as Bigfoot and meanders around national parks!

First there was a Bigfoot sighting. Now, there’s a Bigfoot suing.

A performance artist and amateur filmmaker who dressed as the mythical beast says New Hampshire park rangers didn’t have the right to kick him off a mountain where he had been scaring, or at least amusing, hikers while friends videotaped his antics.

Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Jonathan Doyle is suing the state, arguing that the requirement to pay $100 for a special use permit 30 days in advance and get a $2 million insurance bond violates his free speech rights.

“The underlying activities are humorous, but the principle’s important,” said Jon Meyer, a lawyer representing Doyle. “We’re talking about a very small-scale activity in a very large place. We don’t believe there’s any legitimate government role in regulation.”

Doyle’s attorneys say no one complained to the state park service after Doyle first dressed as Bigfoot, ran around the rocky top of Mount Monadnock, returned to human form and interviewed bystanders about what they saw Sept. 6, 2009.

Read the rest of the article on Yahoo News

Thanks to Weird World News

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