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26 February 2009, JellyBean @ 1:14 pm

Author: David Slone

To many of us an animal is a best friend. A pet can be a valued companion and quite often they are just like a member of the family. So it is not surprising at all that we wonder what happens to our faithful friend upon their death. Do animals (other than human beings) have a spirit or a soul? We like to think that they do.
Ghost Pet
Anyone who shares life with a pet can see that they have intelligence and life force. Pets also have their own distinct personalities whether they are a cat or dog or a parrot.

Is it possible that animals, such as cats and dogs, may become ghosts? There have been many reports of people who have had encounters with beloved pets who had previously died. Here is just such a story which describes how the ghost, or spirit, of a dog saved a man’s life.

Right after World War II a soldier by the name of Joe was returning to his family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. When Joe got off the train he was still a few miles from home and had to walk.

His walk took him down a road along the river. Eventually he had to cross the river. There were two different bridges: one, which was a new bridge, and one older girder type bridge. The newer bridge was closer so naturally, he decided to take that route. Just as he came near to the bridge Joe was met by Shep, the old family dog. He had missed the dog and evidently the dog had missed him too. He greeted the dog and played with him before continuing on. As he started to enter the bridge the dog stopped, and began barking. Shep tugged on the man’s pants leg and it was obvious that he did not want him to go that way. Of course the man wanted to take the shortest route he tried to call Shep and to get him to come along, but the dog only got more insistent. Finally, Joe decided to let the dog have his way and he went on toward the older bridge.

Eventually, Joe made it home, and called out to the family. Of course, everyone came running, and they had a tearful reunion. Joe said, “I would have been here sooner, but Shep made me come the long way.” Everyone got a funny look on their face, and asked him what he meant, so he explained the whole story. After a long silence and many meaningful glances, Joe’s father said, “Joe, Shep died last winter.”

The next morning, Joe learned that the river, which had been raised by spring rains, had flooded the new bridge and taken out the middle section. If he had tried to cross it in the dark that night, he would surely have been killed.

Did Shep come back from the dead to save Joe’s life? What other explanation could there be?

This story was taken from a post to the newsgroup alt.folklore.ghost-stories by Jack Crenshaw. I would like to thank Jack for sharing this true ghost story.

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