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26 June 2008, JellyBean @ 9:28 am

The recent spate of UFO incidents in the UK have led to renewed calls for the MOD to investigate the sightings.

One of the most significant UFO incidents in recent years was the observation of a UFO by a crew of a police helicopter and military personnel in south Wales. Shortly after a corporal on guard duty in Shropshire took video footage of a ‘fleet’ of objects which zigzagged across the sky.

Nick Pope, the former UFO expert at the Ministry of Defence said that after these sightings, an inquiry was of vital importance. Radar tapes, video footage and witness statements should be examined as a part of the investigation, he said.


So far the MOD has declined to comment on the incidents, although a spokesman has confirmed that the Shropshire video footage had been handed over to MOD officials.

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