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17 August 2008, JellyBean @ 2:56 am

I am sure that by now you have all read or heard people’s opinions about the Bigfoot press conference delivered on Friday by Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer. I feel that I must put in my 2c worth.

I think to any thinking person, we can clearly see that this is yet another hoax. The press conference was to prove conclusively that the guys did indeed have a bigfoot body, but the conference ended up being a joke.

The photo’s that were shown were not in any way conclusive. As many people have said, it just looks like a hairy carpet with a bigfoot mask. The photo of the mouth area could be of anything. To be honest the photo’s presented are laughable. They are meant to have a body, yet they produce photo’s that look worse than some of the supposed bigfoot sighting pics.


And what about the ‘conclusive’ DNA evidence? Well it wasn’t so conclusive after all! The first sample came back as being an opossum. the second came back as being human. The third sample could not be tested due to ‘technical reasons’. If they actually have a body they would have tons of irrefuteable DNA which could be tested by reputable DNA analysts.

What about the body? Supposedly this is in a freezer in an undisclosed location. Why couldn’t they produce it at the conference? In this day and age it is a simple thing to obtain a portable freezer. and of course seeing IS believing!

Pictures, body and DNA. They had three things to produce and they failed in all three miserably! So far the duo have not provided one tiny shred of evidence that is conclusive. This reeks of being a hoax.

If it is all a hoax, what could they possibly benefit out of it? Well if you have been to their website, they are selling a lot of bigfoot merchandise. This furore is also bringing a lot of attention to their company,

I am angry with these people. Not only have they dashed the hopes of many people, they have also caused a great deal of harm to the real bigfoot and cryptozoological researchers. The world looks at these shenanigans and laughs and makes the entire thing a joke.

The truth is that we just don’t know if these, or similar creatures exist. There is enough evidence to warrant serious scientific study in these areas, and these jerks cause damage to the evidence that is out there.

Whether these people do come forward with REAL evidence is open to debate. All I can say is that they have failed to deliver so far and have pissed a lot of people off.

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