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20 April 2009, JellyBean @ 6:26 pm

Bigfoot encounters this year have been coming in from all corners of the globe!

Two backpackers trekking in Australia recently reported encountering a Bigfoot like creature which was two meters tall and covered in fur.

Aboriginies have long believed in the existence of the ‘Yowie’, a tall hominid ape-like creature which closely resembles the North American Bigfoot and Asian Yeti.

“Ingrid Schön 23, of Germany and Adi Hassan, 22 of France decided to head back into town when they heard the breaking of branches and loud footsteps heading towards them. Ingrid shone a torch onto the track in front of them. At this point they both claim to have seen what they now describe as Bigfoot charge away into the distance.”

More recently, a Territory Yowie researcher believes the Bigfoot-like beast could be responsible for the recent death of a dog south of Darwin.

“The dog’s owners believed their seven-month-old puppy, which had its head ripped from its body, was mauled to death by dingoes.

But Andrew McGinn, who has been researching Yowies in the Top End for more than a decade, said it was possible the hairy ape-type beast was responsible for the attack. “

Moving from the bottom of the world to the top, we have reports of a surge in Yeti activity in Siberia.

A recent expedition to the Azas caves to find the creature was planned but unfortunately had to be postponed due to persistent bad weather.

“More evidence of the abominable snowman (more politely known as a Yeti or Bigfoot) has been uncovered in Russia’s Kemerovo Region in southwestern Siberia.”

Moving across to the US, a recent visitor to the Monument area of Southern Colorado is sharing what she captured on video, and saw with her own eyes.

“A choppy, 15-second video clip depicts a typical day on Palmer Ridge, until things get interesting along the treeline.

A shadowy figure saunters into the frame, long arms swinging by his side. ”

So it seems that this summer we will be in for an avalanche of sightings in the Northern Hemisphere!

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