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30 August 2010, JellyBean @ 11:01 am

Before dams upstream could regulate the Savannah River’s flow, Augusta pretty much had to take whatever the Good Lord put in the river.

Sometimes it was high water. Sometimes it was low water.

And on a warm day in 1820, it was something else.

“Sea Serpent” says a headline in a September edition of The Augusta Chronicle.

What followed was an account of the remarkable discovery of something in the river that no one could identify.

“This monster of the deep has at last made his appearance in Sav. River. He was discovered coming up about 5 o’clock on last Thursday & was witnessed by several respectable citizens,” the paper reported.

The creature appeared in the river below Augusta and frightened a man chopping wood, then disappeared beneath the water as others rushed to the riverbank to see it.

About four days later, it was back.

“Sea Serpent Caught!!!” a new headline read.

The story beneath it added this:

“A large concourse of citizens was attracted to the Sand Bar Ferry on Thursday evening to witness the monster of the deep, whose arrival in our waters was announced last week.

“In endeavoring to force himself over the shoals, he foundered, and laid high and dry, exposed to the entire observation of a vast multitude.”

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