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11 May 2010, JellyBean @ 7:54 pm

“We are perhaps receiving evidence of a fourth dimension, and it’s necessary to sharpen our senses, especially when interaction with other intelligences is often telepathic,” said Marron.

A UFO researcher disclosed an impressive experience he had while conducting field research with a colleague. It has enabled him to infer the likelihood that Sierra de los Padres, barely 15 kilometers from Mar del Plata, may harbor “a nest of extraterrestrial craft” in the rocky heights, and that he was able to maintain “close interaction” experiences with their occupants.

Jorge Marron, a member of the CODIGO OVNI research group, explained that the manifestations occurring in that region cannot be framed within activities involving terrestrial technology and are, on the contrary, firmly linked to an alien presence.

However, the most shocking detail– of many that emerged from last February’s sighting, witnessed by Marrón himself and researcher Graciela Donalisio – is the one that brought them face-to-face with to a “Close encounter of the 4th kind” with entities from outer space.

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