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7 May 2010, JellyBean @ 8:23 pm

When researching the extent of contact Earth scientists have had with extraterrestrials, it’s all but impossible to distinguish the claims that seem in every way genuine and those who appear to have been fabricated for the purpose of receiving money and/or fame. One claim that seems difficult to accept is the “57 alien species claim” made by several internet forums. But these claims stem from a source that give some hardened skeptics reason to take a second look.

The Disclosure project along with others working in conjunction with it have several documented alien species and subtypes, including over 22 subtypes on the alien visitors known as the “greys” which many abductees claim to have encountered during their ordeals. Included in the list of species currently conducting operations on Earth (according to several sources) are the Agharians (or Aghartians), the Atlans, Cetians, Gizan (also known as Pleaideans), Janosians, Martians, Serpents, Solarians, Sirians, and Synthetics. And the list goes on. And not all of them, according to several sources are from this universe. There are still several who are allegedly connected to an alternate universe known by the Pleaideans as the “DAL” universe.

The whole scenario reads like high fantasy or science fiction, but the conglomeration of various UFO theories merges into this one central idea. And truly, how much more difficult to believe is a complex system of alien species collecting and thriving in and around our planet than merely one species with designs to come to Earth with plans for invasion?

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