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25 September 2010, JellyBean @ 10:07 am

For some time now, the UFO community has been told by various people that UFO disclosure is imminent. The primary concern with any sort of disclosure has been the reaction of the people.

For the most part, the idea of disclosure has been promulgated by westerners in first world countries. They claim that we are ready for disclosure based on the open-mindedness of first world people. They forget that the vast majority of the world live pretty much rural, uneducated, traditional lives. How would such people react to disclosure?

One aspect we have to explore is who is responsible for disclosure? Is the disclosure coming due to the governments of the world finally deciding to reveal their secrets, or is it due to pressure from extraterrestrials who are demanding that people have a right to know?

Bearing these questions in mind, we have recently seen a vast number of UFO sightings and reports coming from underdeveloped countries in South America and Asia. We have even seen sighting reports coming from Africa. So one has to wonder if these sightings are extraterrestrials attempting to prepare the uneducated, tradition-bound masses for eventual disclosure.

If this is a true, then we should be seeing a lot more reports of UFO sightings coming from the third world countries in the coming weeks and months. This would also explain the vast number of sightings around the developing countries, such as the airport UFO sightings over China.

Of course these sightings may just be random misidentification of objects in the sky which are being reported by a media obsessed with UFO’s. But what if they are not?

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