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8 December 2010, JellyBean @ 11:35 am

On today’s Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, conspiracy theorist talk show host, Alex Jones stated that his personal belief was that UFO’s and aliens have visited the earth in ancient times.

He pointed out that cave drawings of the past show proof of alien visitation. He also stated that he believes that the universe is teeming with life.

He also said:

“This is the age of real disclosure as well as fake disclosure”.

Jones went on to warn about ‘Project Bluebeam’ in which the government stage hoaxes to make us all believe that “Aliens” are visiting us. This will be done to help usher in the “New World Order”.

You can hear more from Alex Jones talking to George Noory about Project Bluebeam on a previous show:

YouTube Preview Image

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