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7 January 2009, JellyBean @ 12:59 pm

A strange object seen in the skies above in Salt Lake City in 2007 had residents scratching their heads.

According to the ABC coverage of the event, the Salt Lake Air Traffic Control said they didn’t pick up the object on radar and had no knowledge of the ca. 200-foot-long (60m) craft.

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This past week controversial radio talk show host, Alex Jones, came up with a theory. According to Mr. Jones, the ‘UFO’ is a blimp which is used by Homeland Security for monitoring the population.

According to him, these blimps contain high-res imaging cameras and ground penetrating radar. They usually fly between 80 – 100 000 feet.

Mr. Jones says that the denial of the FAA that anything was picked up on radar is because the blimp missions are secret and therefore they can not disclose the information to the public.

There is an element of truth to what Mr. Jones is saying. MSNBC did a report ‘Eyes in the sky for Homeland Security‘ which details this exact scenario. Popular tech blog Engadget also wrote a year ago about Lockheed Martins contract to build Homeland Security a high altitude airship that could stay in orbit for days equipped with high tech surveillance gear.

Is the government deliberately creating a UFO hype to hide their high tech surveilance on the US population? I think that in the future we had better treat many of the mainstream reported UFO sightings with a healthy dose of skepticism! If Alex is right about this, perhaps he is right about many of the other things he talks about.

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