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25 June 2008, JellyBean @ 3:17 am

Skull collection at the Tuol Sleng Genocide MuseumIt is strange how the human mind reacts in strange situations. Part of it readily accepts that what you are experiencing is well in the realms of the paranormal, yet another part of your mind keeps looking for the rational explanation. This is how I felt leaving the second cellblock.

Was there a rational explanation for all these things that had happened? Was it merely the wind blowing the door (even though the evening was totally calm)? Did my weight on the bed move the box enough for the lid to close (even though the lid was pretty solid and couldn’t really just flip shut)?

By this time I was truly heading away from merely jumpy and nervous and into the realms of scared and terrified! Nevertheless I headed towards the photo gallery and skull collection building.

Entering the photo gallery I immediately felt a great sadness as the feelings of terror evaporated. All the hundreds of people whose images adorn the walls and stands were brutally killed. The look of abject loss, great sadness, terror, resignation and defeat gazes out of the photos and into your soul. They knew there was no hope and that they would soon be killed.

Photos of victims at Tuol SlengDid these psychic feelings come from these unfortunate victims, or was the grief I felt an imprint made by the living? It is really hard to tell. Perhaps it is both. As I walked down the gallery, I could feel these emotions beating down on me. Maybe they were not ghostly, but they were definitely something more than natural.

I crossed into the room where the skulls of some of the victims are kept as a reminder of the horror these people endured. I stood silently in the middle of the dim room and again focussed my mind. Beyond the feelings of profound grief, I had no sense that there were any individual entities around.

I left the building no longer feeling as scared. As I approached the small office, the guard came out to meet me, asking what I had seen. We sat on a bench in the warm night air and I told him about what I had experienced. He commented frequently that I didn’t appear to be scared and to be honest I didn’t quite know what to tell him.

As I have mentioned, the whole experience was a very complex mix of emotions, ranging from near-terror to calm, deep sadness.

On reflection, I experienced at least two distinct supernatural/paranormal experiences. The first was the classic signs of ghost activity in the V.I.P. and ‘wooden’ cell areas. The second was the picking up of the imprinted emotions in the display room.

Would I do this again? For sure! However, maybe next time I will go a little more prepared and probably with someone else!

For more photos of the prison, you can visit my gallery site on info-serv.net

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