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17 July 2008, JellyBean @ 4:11 am

Psychic James ByrneUK psychic James Byrne is used to spirits interfering with technological gadgets associated with him, but he claims his recent experiences are the strangest yet.

James returned from a holiday in August and found a message on his answering machine. The message, in a man’s voice, simply said “Is this switched on?”.


No number was recorded, but the phone does have a call-back feature. He decided to call and see what the message was about.

“A woman in Bolton answered, and when I explained who I was, she said I’d done a reading for her 14 years earlier. She said she’d not made the phone call” he reported.

After listening to the message however, the woman confirmed that it was the voice of her partner who had died that June. She decided to investigate things further on her end by contacting the telephone company.

British Telecom confirmed that no call had been made to James’ number on that particular day.

“We can’t explain it,” says James. “I’m not saying it’s a ghost or an example of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). But it is very strange.”

James has been a frequent guest on TV and at times while on-air, his sound equipment has just stopped working. He has also heard ghostly voices coming from his radio and has had voices coming over his tapes when giving readings for clients. Many of these cases have had independent witnesses.

Is the message on James’ phone from a ghost?

Click here to listen to the message

This is Cheshire: Message from beyond the grave?

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