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26 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:18 am

There are tons of ghost stories emanating from all over the country. Perhaps you have a few of your own to share. But in pop culture, you may have noticed that the South is often a primary target where this country’s
ghost stories are concerned. The theories surrounding the existence of ghosts are never-ending. In fact, there are perhaps too many people to count who don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. But in the Deep South, you will often discover a huge following of people who have either been witnesses to strange events, or believe in them for some other reason. Why is it that the South appears to be such a hotbed for paranormal activity?

Theory #1: People stayed settled more in the South.

A documentary featured on YouTube’s Paranormal TV channel suggests that because families tended to remained settled on Southern land for long periods of time. Thus, the stories (paranormal or not) were retold with more frequency. It might also be said the people who have populated an area for several years might be more likely to become acquainted with any strange incidents taking place. The logic behind this is that ghosts tend to linger in certain places. Some believe that it takes some time to actually have a ghostly encounter. More transient individuals might never have these opportunities.

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