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2 September 2010, JellyBean @ 9:18 am

Phil Plait, from Blogs.discovermagazine.com, posted an article today explaining why Astronomers, the people who spend their days looking up at the stars, don’t ever report seeing UFOs. Although it’s a good question, I found the answer to be insulting and narrow-minded. Yes, yes I know that there are those people who can confuse the Moon or an airplane for an alien spacecraft, but what about those of us who have seen strange lights being chased off by incoming jets?

When I was a kid in the 80s, we lived in Orange County (Garden Grove, CA). One evening, as my siblings and I were helping our mother unload groceries from the car, my sister yelled “What’s that?” and pointed up. I kid you not; we all stood there watching this upright triangle object with a multicolor light emanating from it, float through the horizon. A few seconds later, two military jets appeared (from the south?) and the triangular object quickly changed course and took a very fast acceleration upwards into the clouds. And just like that, it vanished. We stood there watching the jets, slowly climb up in altitude. Nowhere near the speed in which the object did. The truth of the matter is that astronomers spend their time looking at fixated objects thousands of miles away. We (earthly citizens) occasionally glance upwards and can only see a few miles up. If there are other lifeforms visiting us, they would be observing closely to the Earth’s surface. Way out of the sight of an astronomer’s telescope.

Contrary to what Mr. Plait’s article states, there have been plenty of reports given to MUFON from amateur and professional astronomers. Checking the MUFON database, there are several listed. One that stands out occurred last October. MUFON case # 20,023. This occurred in Oklahoma.

Read about it here: Ghost Theory

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