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16 April 2010, JellyBean @ 8:16 am

My recent post The Eckhart Encounters – Further Evidence included images of alien symbols that the experiencer had witnessed and written down. Some supposed alien craft that have been examined are said to have unknown symbols. There are petroglyphs and hieroglyphs incorporated in ancient art and text. Are these human inspired or was it the result of extraterrestrial intervention? Possibly the first written account referencing alien symbols is a story in Japanese folklore. Below are two similar but separate texts of the encounter.

Utsuro-fune no Banjyo (A Foreign Woman in the Hollow Boat)

The story takes place on February 22 in the spring of 1803. Offshore from a beach called Hara-yadori in the territory of Ogasawara Etchuu-no-kami (4000 koku’), who occupied a position named “Yoriai-seki” of Tokagawa shogunate at that time, a kind of boat was observed from the beach. People approached this boat using their small boats and eventually caught it. They towed it to the beach.

The boat was round and resembled a kind of kou-hako (a box used to burn incense). Its diameter was more than 3 ken (5.45 in). On the upper part of the boat, there were glass-fitted shoji (windows with lattice) and they were shielded by chan (a kind of waterproofed putty made from pine-tree gum). The bottom of this ship was reinforced by separated iron plates. This structure may protect the boat from destruction by sunken rocks. Since the glass-fitted shoji was transparent, the people could see the inside the boat, where they found a woman with strange features. Her hair and eyebrows were red, and her face was pink. It seemed that long white hair was added to her original hair.

This foreign woman held one square box whose size was about two shaku (60 cm) in her hands. It seemed that this box was very important to her because she held this box constantly, and she prohibited anyone from approaching it.

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