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19 April 2010, JellyBean @ 10:30 am

Now that we have covered most of the ground I had intended to in Living Anomaly, forgoing only such familiar matters as the uncommon strength, speed and dexterity of bigfoot often displayed in sightings, we are in a position to speak of what conclusions, if any, we can draw from our investigations.

First we must admit that our investigations into the bigfoot/UFO connection, the electric sasquatch, the telepathic bigfoot, and the infrasound hypothesis, as well as our foray into the philosophical underpinnings of theories that might account for bigfoot, have always depended upon human observation and our interpretations of those observations. There is no sense in which we can be sure that we have touched “the thing itself” in our search.

I think this is a crucial thing to understand.

Whatever we may think bigfoot is, as I have mentioned before a few times, we are subject only to our freewill to believe or disbelieve the evidence proffered. Even those who have witnessed bigfoot in the (apparent) flesh are in the same boat — without physical evidence, they can really never be sure that the creature they saw was there, or whether some highly unusual mental state — a mental state so unusual that it continues (if it exists) to be uncatalogued by science — caused them to believe that it was. This total and impenetrable uncertainty strikes me as the fundamental enigma.

I have suggested that the uncertainty of it all mimics certain bits of knowledge from science and mathematics, such as Godel’s theorem, or the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, but I’m only drawing out a comparison here. To me, that such structures exist and can be discovered in our world, suggests that these uncertainties are deeply woven into our reality.

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