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2 August 2010, JellyBean @ 10:51 am

The astonishing UFO video clip that can be watched below is believed to have been filmed only a few days ago on 26 July. The UFO was spotted above the city of Almere in the Netherlands. The luminous craft seen in the film changes shape and at some times a streaking tail can be seen, at other times the UFO seems to be spitting out other objects.or orbs.

European Ufologists are now studying the video and the object seen in the video has been declared a UFO. Wolf Van Collem, a dutch UFO researcher noted that ‘It looks like an ET mother-ship and some smaller craft around it but we cannot be sure, had the object been closer we would have been able to be more conclusive than that’.
It is known and kept secret by aerospace agencies worldwide that large extraterrestrial mother-ships do occasionally enter Earth’s orbit but do not land, rather they send out smaller scout UFOs to explore the planet.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to: All News Web

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