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27 November 2008, JellyBean @ 2:12 pm

Down in the Province of Entre Rios, Argentina, a strange creature is lurking. Is this just a large Chupacabra, or is it something else entirely.

This strange creature appears in smallholdings and fields, slaying farm animals, as well as calves and sheep. The people became so scared that this creature caught the attention of the Argentinian national news.

The entity started its reign of terror around September last year when a local family found a dead chicken. Near the body was a large footprint in the dust and strange marks were all around the body.


The family, who know the area and it’s animals very well, did not recognize the marks, much less the footprints. It did not belong to any animal that they know in the area.

The following night, early in the morning, the heard noises and their son, Matias saw a bizarre figure scrambling away into the vegetation behind their house. He described the figure as at least 1.7 meters tall and extremely quick moving.

Again they discovered a chicken had been savaged.

Nearly every night since, the creature has returned and the family have been attempting to capture or kill it. However, according to the family, the creature seems more scared of them than they are of it.

Soon the neighbours got involved, supplying the family with an assortment of traps. The entity has many times been caught in the traps, but has always escaped. One trap, however, nearly caught it. An otter trap inflicted a serious injury on the beast and although it still escaped, it left blood traces on the trap and ground.

This blood has now been collected and samples have been sent to laboratories for analysis and hopefully an answer!

In addition to the blood samples, there has been a wealth of additional evidence left behind. Claw marks are evident on trees and footproints are clearly evident in the dirt. The sons have made it their mission to collect as much evidence as possible about the entity.

Amazingly the creature has not only kept itself to outside the house. There have been some ocassions where the creature has actually entered the house.

Could this evidence finally prove the existence of a Chupacabra? Is it perhaps a type of werewolf, given its size? Or is this just an oversized cat, dog or other known animal?

Time, and science may soon tell us!

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