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10 February 2009, JellyBean @ 6:14 pm

The £1 million wind turbine destroyed after mysterious glowing orbs were spotted in the sky was not hit by a UFO after all but broke due to mechanical failure, investigators have disclosed.
Wind Turbine
Manufacturer, Enercon, analysed the remains of the turbines and concluded that the cause of the accident was metal fatigue. The are now testing to see why the bolt came loose and why.

Locals near the wind farm site had reported glowing orbs and trailing octopus-like “tentacles” on the night of the incident. These sightings can not be explained, or whether there is still any link with the accident.

“The bolt failure was the effect not the cause of the problem. They have ruled out bolt fatigue and design problems, and we know that they were properly put on,” Dale Vince the co-founder of Ecotricity, which owns the farm told reporters. “To be honest I’m not surprised. But there was part of me that did hope it was a UFO as it was a lovely story.”

Ecotricity plans to release the manufacturers report once it has been concluded. This should take a few weeks. The manufacturers have since repaired the damaged turbine at their expense.

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