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20 April 2010, JellyBean @ 6:33 am

The question of UFO Disclosure in the United States is of ultimate importance. The people ask that their representatives come clean on this “taboo” subject. Since Roswell, American skepticism has grown on both sides of the issue. Disinformation, debunkers, supporters, glorifiers, believers abound, while credible witnesses have come forward. Utilizing the internet’s capabilities to get the message out through YouTube, blogging, forums, and links to ufologists’ sites—there’s no escaping the fact that the human populace wants real information.

No longer can governments be silent on the issue. Within the last two years, several foreign governments have begun releasing what data they have on the topic: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Brazil and New Zealand.

As the Chinese push their way forward into space, will that nation be the first to completely publicize the existence of extraterrestrials? Long Lehao, of the country’s lunar probe project, believes their first moonwalk will be in 2024. NASA scientists report that the Chinese will be on the moon by 2017. Sun Laiyan, of the China National Space Administration, states that they will begin deep space exploration of Mars, culminating in an unmanned Mars exploration program between 2014 and 2033.

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